Drag and Drop behaviour


it worked before in version 1.0.xxx. Holding the CTRL during drag'n'drop, copied the e-mail from Outlook to Joplin. Without holding the CTRL key the e-mail was "moved", added to Joplind and moved to trash in Outlook.
Now the e-mail will always moved to trash in Outlook, no difference if I press the key or not.
At the moment I can't test the 1.3.xx version to see if there has something changed.

Hi, just did some short trials. It seems to depend on the format of the email...
A text and maybe also html mail just creates an entry with some header information from the E-Mail inside an existing note and original E-Mail is kept.
If I do the same with an E-Mail in the .msg Format. The email is deleted from Outlook and a file attachment is created in an existing note.
If I try to create a new note by drag and drop into an existing folder the E-Mail is deleted from Outlook but ends nowhere in Joplin...
If I do the same with Windows Explorer all works as expected...
Hope this observation helps...

@JPa: If you use copy and paste, only the header of the mail is copied and added to Joplin.

yes agree, same here...


There was a change of the editor from version 1.0 to 1.1 ( Ace Editor to CodeMirror).
Can this cause the issue with drag'n'drop? Because in earlier versions the behaviour was different, refer to the first post in this conversation.

I use drag'n'drop from Outlook a lot and at the moment it isn't very comfortable when every mail is deleted (moved to trash).


I made a rough test with WYSIWYG editor. If a mail is added to Joplin via drag'n'drop in the WYSIWYG editor, the mail is not deleted in Outlook, independently if i use th CTRL key or not.

Could the issue, that the mails are deleted in Outlook, base on the "new" MD editor CodeMirror?

@Marvin @sttrebo @nchris @JPa
I had some free time so I took a look into this issue and it seems to be outlook specific. I can't duplicate the issue on my computer at all. I did some quick searching and found what might be a possible fix and I've made a pull request based on what I read. It would be really great if someone that is experiencing this issue could pull down my code a build Joplin locally to test if the fix actually works.

@CalebJohn Thanks for taking a look to it.
What is the difference between the AceEditor, WYSIWYG (Drag and Drop OK) and CodeMirror?

Ace editor and codemirror are both code editors (markdown included). We used to use ace editor as the markdown editor for Joplin but have recently switched to codemirror. The WYSIWYG editor is not a code editor, the formatting is hidden and it allows you to type your notes as you would want them presented (similar to MS Word).

I re-read your question and realized I answered wrong.
Too be honest I don't know and I can't test because I don't have access to a Windows machine + outlook. My guess is that ace editor (and the WYSIWYG) editor are forcing a copy action on drop and codemirror simply leaves the drop action as none. Most programs interpret "none" as copy, but it seems that outlook treats it as a move.
Again, I can't confirm this because I don't have outlook, but it's a theory.

@CalebJohn I‘m not a coder but I can test for you if this helps you.

The build instructions are here if you think you'll be able to manage it. Otherwise I might be able to figure out how to do windows builds.

A bit out of my skill set unless someone has a cheatsheet for a windows10 system...

Thank you so much for looking into it. I have never built any system...Not sure when I can start diving into this...

I have to wait until the patch is merged to a "compiled" version. Build Joplin myself is unfortunately above my skills.

@CalebJohn any news of the integration of the patch?
At the moment, I switch to the WYSIWYG editor for drag'n'drop from outlook as a work around.


It's been merged! Which doesn't mean much yet, but it does mean that the potential fix will be available in an upcoming pre-release. I'll try to ping this thread once it's available, but I would encourage you to check yourself as well in case I forget.

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@CalebJohn Thanks. I will give it a try with the next pre-release.

@CalebJohn I made a quick test with Version 1.4.10 portable. Unfortunately the behaviour didn't change in the Codemirror editor using drag'n'drop.
In the WYSIWYG editor the items are "copied" from Outlook to Joplin.

@Marvin thanks for letting me know, I'll take another look.

@Marvin Actually can you try pressing Ctrl while dropping or pressing the alt key? I've been doing some more testing on my system and it seems that pressing the Ctrl key while dropping should enforce a copy. It's possible that it could be the Alt key on another system. Might as well try shift as well.