Task management improvements

Love what you’ve created so far. Would like to see to-dos/tasks more tightly integrated.

  1. Automatically tag every to-do as to-do or task, so it appears in a list of tasks automatically.
  2. Select text in a note and turn into a task automatically and have it linked to the note for more data
  3. Use of a checkbox in a note turns it into a task with a to-do/task tag automatically
  4. Project tags to make it easy to categorize tasks into projects. I guess could be subtags similar to how Bear does tags #Project/Task

In addition, making due/reminder times visible and to-dos ordered by them, optionally.

I especially like #1 on your list. I’ve just discovered Joplin and am in the process of dumping all my Evernote content into it; if I could have a task list autogenerated as you describe (rather than having to manually tag every task – daunting since my Evernote tag list will take a long time to trim down), I could also dump my current task management app.