Task automatic tagging

I want to have all my tasks together.
To do that, i’ve to add the tag “todo” to all my tasks.
A general option “Automatic tagging task”, with the tag name to use, would be a great idea.
Thanks for making Joplin.

An issue has already been opened to display all the reminders/tasks alltogether on the welcome page here
Should this do the trick ?

Link forgotten, but I think you speak about issue #282.
Not exactly the same, but it could probably do the trick.
Wait & see…

I think a better (and more general) solution would be to extend the search. I’d like to be able to search in tags or note types by typing into the search box.

Various systems implement features like these; I think StackExchange sites use the string [tag-name] to search for items tagged “tag-name”. Outlook lets you find mails that have an attachment with has:attachment. I think it would be a tremendous boost if Joplin had something similar.