Context driven note/todo creation, feature request?


Not sure if I’m the only one wanting / using this but figured I would ask. Is there any chance we could add “context driven” creation of notes and todos?

What I mean is that Joplin would have certain keywords that automatically assigns tags, or a reminder time.

Eg. Create a new todo and in the title I do
Remember to do this super important thing #Tag #AnotherTag @Today

I’m not sure if this would be possible for the deadline and such since this is a note taking app, not a todo list like Todoist, but the tag thing I personally would love. I tend to no longer use reminders but rather check my todo list and sort it with my different tags. So it would just be a fast and convenient way to add the tags rather then having to create the task and then open it and add the tags.

I agree that this would be a useful feature, but as you noted it’s a bit out of scope for Joplin. Currently I do something similar using the api. I add lines of the form
#TODO:Today: Something I need to do
and a python script I wrote automatically collects these todos and puts them in a note (sorted by deadline) that I check fairly regularly.
You could probably do the same but have it handle tagging or whatever you want. For reference here are the api docs