Tags usability in iOS

I would love to jump ship from Evernote, but what’s holding me back is the poor tags interface in Joplin’s iOS app. Notes windows don’t show their tags and digging into the tags window gives an unfilterable list of checkboxes — you can’t even easily see what tags are selected.

I’m left with the impression that the only projected use case is 10 or 15 tags, tops — I have several hundred.

Is better tag handling in iOS on the development pathway?



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I would like to take up this topic again.

The tag display and editing in the mobile apps is not ideal or better said not really usable if you have many tags.

In comparison a screenshot of Evernote.
Here I can see which tags the note has and I can search for tags to add or create a new tag.

Possible modification:

  • Simply display selected tags first
  • Create new keyword is also search field

Are these changes possibly easy to implement for some one?


I admire the UI of SimpleNote and I agree with you. I hope Joplin could learn sth from SN app.

looks like you can filter tags not in iOS, but I didn't realise because the text box is very small. It would be nice if any text typed into the "New Tags:" box also filtered the selectable tags.

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