Feature request: tag filtering like in the legacy version of Evernote

Hi, sorry if maybe this has already been asked many times, but I couldn't find this request in any specific topic.

if possible, I would like to see a "tag filtering" function implemented in Joplin, similar to the one available in the legacy version of Evernote.

(Example) In the legacy version of Evernote you can quickly:

  • filter notes by the tag "tags"

  • filter the resulting notes by the tag "joplin"

  • result: notes with the tags "tags" and "joplin"

In Joplin you can obtain the same result searching for: "tag:tags tag:joplin"

But besides having to search it manually, you need to already know/remember which additional tags are associated to the notes with the tag "tags", and this is not always possible.

At the moment, as a workaround, I'm using the plugin Tagging, as explained in this post:



It would be nice to see the sidebar be responsive to the queries in this case.
So once you search the tags in the sidebar would change to only show those tags present in the search along with the totals (like in your screenshot but using the existing UI).

This would go nicely with something else I've wanted for a while where ctrl + clicking the tags would bring up only notes with that combination of tags in the notelist.

Come to think of it, I'd like to see the entire sidebar become responsive to search queries


Right, using the sidebar would probably be better.

Zotero - progressive filtering of tags

I think that it would be very nice if Joplin had progressive filtering of tags, like in Zotero.

I's even better than the implementation of tags in Evernote Legacy. In Zotero it's very easy to select and deselect the tags.

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