Tags position in the new editor 1.2.2

ver. 1.2.2 is woww.. Congrats all the team and a zillion thank you.
The rounded oval shape of the tags is reall amazing.. thanks again.

I just preferred the position of the tags on top of the note editor as they were. So If you coud get them back to the top, or may be make it a choice in the options that would be awsome.

Also I won't stop asking for the nested tags to come back, hope I'm not nagging you guys but Its really important for me. @Laurent told me in a discussion about a week or so ago that our great programmer responsible for this feature is kinda busy and 'may be' he'ld be able to do it in the future. I really hope he comes back soo, or - if it is not impolite - could someone else take this feature up? just suggesting.

Keep up the great work.. I really love this new interface