When will nested tags be back

I was dancing with joy when you added the nested/structured tags in releases 1.0.229 and 1.0.231. It was revoked in the following versions for ‘performance issues’. I checked the discussions and found out it was in some non-windows versions. If it is the case why not give us back that great feature again till it is fixed in the versions of the other OSs. If it is not the case, when do you expect to bless us again with this lovely feature. Lots of people really need it. Please put it back soon.

P.S. Keep up the great work, you are really changing people’s lives for the better. Personally, I expect you surpass Evernote very soon.


I hope that they will soon be back, we really need hierachical tags !! :slight_smile:


Is there any news on nested tags in Joplin?

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I really hope so.
However, I remember reading, a while ago, someone commenting that the way the tags are implemented in Joplin makes it somehow burdensome to do it, as it can't be done as a plugin. I really hope he was wrong.