Tags not synchronized on shared notebook (Joplin server)

Hi all,

we're using Joplin 2.8.8 on linux and a Joplin server (2.7.4) to share a collaborative notebook among different users. Syncing of the notes works as expected, except for the tags. Every user can individually create tags for a note, but they do not get synced with other users. We tried using the inline tag plugin as a workaround, but Joplin will only sync the inline text, not the associated tag with others. Is this the intended behavior? Is there a way to have the tags synced? We would really like to make use of them to organize our notes.


For now we consider that tags are a personal way to organise notes, so they are not shared. For organisation on shared notebooks you can create sub-notebooks.

Thanks, that's interesting! We're using Joplin to share lab notes and use the sub-notebook structure to create a note per day (using journal plugin). The tags would allow every user to find all notes that e.g. are related to a specific part of the experiment, it would thus make sense for us to share them. At the same time we want to allow the users to have individual notebook, so we want to circumvent login via the same account. Do you see a way of making tag syncing/sharing optional?

Currently it's not possible to share the tags, and not sure it's something that will be added. Additionally there would be a lot of complexity with a tag being used for shared notes, and for non-shared ones.

But search is pretty good, so an option would be to "manually" tag the notes, for example by appending #something to the title or within the note, making sure that #something is unique enough that it can easily be searched for.

That will be a good workaround for us. Thank you for the effort!

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