Tags not synchronized

I am migrating from evernote to joplin. I have exported all notes from evernote to enex files.
I have installed joplin in two differents computers:

  • one with windows 7
  • other with opensuse leap 42.3
    I use Joplin Webdav-Sync with the Pcloud storage.
    In different times, I have imported the enex files in one computer with windows and other time in the computer wit opensuse leap.
    Previously I have deleted all files and folders -local and in the cloud storage- and reinstall the aplication (in order to avoid duplicate items). Every time i have imported the notes and notebooks again.

The notebooks and notes synchronization works fine except the tags.
I only can see the tags in the computer i have imported the notes. If I do it in the computer with suse leap i can see the tags in it but I can not see the tags in the computer with the windows system (after synchronization)…and backwards… all the notebooks and notes are synchronized except the tags

is it a bug / error or Joplin can not synchronize the imported tags??