Possible to store joplin files on server?

So I started using Joplin to write down some notes while working, but now I need to share a specific notebook with several people. I was thinking of putting it on one of our servers and then people would download Joplin and sync it with the server notebook but I do not know if this is possible? And yes I would like them to be able to edit the files on the server directly using Joplin.

Sharing is one of the most requested features, but not yet available.

We are looking for a TreePad replacement and Joplin looked to be perfect. Set up an in-house cloud, configured Joplin created some test notes then discovered that Joplin lacked the ability to share.

Hierarchical Notes, E2EE, local hosting, support of images, and WebDAV synchronization are all key features we were looking for.

When you are able to implement sharing this will be a robust note taking software that would be a great application for site note sharing, and would be a great fit for us.

Hope you are able to implement sharing soon as I would like to migrate to Joplin!


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I’m using Nextcloud to sync my notes with my server. I have a specific folder “.joplinNotes” for storing my notes. You could sync to same server but different folders, and use a tool called “Unison” on the server to sync the folder of a specific notebook. But the problem is, you don’t have different folders for each notebook. All notes are in the same folder and they have .md extension. Actually, Notebooks are also synced as md files in the same folder.

What you would need - in order to solve this on your server - is to find the id(name) of the notebook you want to share. Let’s say it’s “cbb69b3b6df74cd7b5d0a20390bd4f71”.

Then you would need to use either magic or a script that scans all md files and detect the ones with “parent_id: cbb69b3b6df74cd7b5d0a20390bd4f71” in them. Then sync(rsync) these files with the ones in the sync directory of the other person.

But I would still not recommend this since this can cause some issues if this job collides with Joplin’s synchronization process.

:point_up:t2: this bit.
The content of the sync target is Joplin's internal database - if you're messing with it, you might break things. Be careful.