Tabs and Control-S

Hi guys,

New user, trying hard to like Joplin and recommend it to clients, although I'm really not there yet.

If anyone is curious - I take a lot of notes on projects and client work in Microsoft Word, using Outline mode.
Microsoft is making Word weirder and flakier by the year, so I see a day coming when I will need to abandon it and move to something else - Joplin is a current candidate.

Tabs are kind of a big deal for me. I look forward to them working.. you know, in a note-taking text editor.

Control-S is another surprise I hit this morning, and prompted me to sign up here and say hi.

I think we can all agree Control-S is used in many programs to save files. I see that Joplin "auto saves", a feature I find a little dangerous.

For example : I found an empty note where I had apparently cut instead of pasted text to another note. Not that big a deal - but I sure didn't save that change myself.

So I would suggest making auto save optional, perhaps.
And this ad popup I get when I press Control-S.. not a fan, not a fan.

Voila. A bit of user feedback on basic UI, a long-time interest of mine.

Deirdre Young

It is worth noting that Joplin is not a replacement for word processors like Word or libre office writer, it is a note taking application and therefore the closest relation in the Microsoft suite of applications would be OneNote - which like Joplin does not feature a manual save option, edits you make are instantly saved to your document.

However Joplin does feature note history so you can go back in time to view older "saves" of the note

As for tabs - the notes are saved in Markdown format so extra whitespace is simply not preserved by the specification.

It isn't an ad. Ctrl + S starts synchronisation, if you don't have anything set up then it starts the sync wizard to help you set up a sync target - Joplin Cloud is a paid service but there are loads of other methods both free and paid 3rd party.

Some more info on markdown:


Oh, I give feedback for statistical purposes.

If enough people find tabs a deal breaker, you may consider putting them in somehow.

OneNote having the same dangerous auto-save feature is not a wonderful reference. I will look at the note history feature, thank you for that link.

Deirdre Young

Feedback is welcome indeed but I think you will be hard pushed to find a note taking app that doesn't follow this paradigm about saving. Evernote, Joplin, Obsidian, OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, SimpleNote, Zettlr, StandardNotes, QOwnNotes, Trilium - they all work on this same principal where one doesn't need to manually save the note.

One workaround for this is working within an external editor. Joplin will allow another editor to "open" the note and if that editor requires manual saving (like a simple notepad type editor) then you will essentially have "ctrl + s" functionality as it has to save to commit back to Joplin.

Tabs is a difficult concept, it is a popular request but it means deviating from markdown standard. The whole idea of markdown is that it is a portable format that can be used in a huge number of applications, editors and viewers. To deviate from that standard means the document is no longer portable and may no longer be compatible at all with other applications.

Wow, I don't know half of those apps - thank you!

External editor - well, if I found a good outlining text editor, I would live in it and not need Joplin.

Thanks a lot for the thoughtful replies. I'll let this thread go.


Welcome to Joplin!

Markdown does support nested lists. so that might help with your outline issues. And you can create them by using tabs.

As well, headings can be used. And there are plugins to show a TOC based on the headings as well as a plugin to let you open and close these sections within your doc.

But as Daeraxa points out, a markdown based note taking app may not be the tech solution you are looking for. I sympathize with your effort to find the right app. Sometimes you get so close but then there's one deal breaker and that's super frustrating.


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