Why I eventually left Joplin even though I initially thought I loved it

I just got done deleting all my Joplin notes (after transferring them to Notepad++ text files), and thought I'd leave a small note here in case it informs anyone.

I've been using Joplin for a month.
Loved it!
Until today.

Today, I was deleting a note, and as I deleted it, I wondered -- "hmmm, I wonder what would happen if I deleted the wrong note".

I wasn't ever concerned about this because I sync to Dropbox and DB allows deleted files to be restored up to 30 days after deletion.

But today I decided to take a peek into my Joplin sync folder on Dropbox. I was expecting to see separate text files for each of my notes. Instead I saw a completely different mental model based on file diffs, snippets, etc.

That was it for me. I need my content to be stored neatly in separate text files, that are complete in and of themselves.

  • I completely understand why there might be many technical reasons why this is not the case with Joplin. But for me, this is necessary.
  • I need my backups to be simple. And this doesn't work for me.

So I've migrated to Notepad++, and am using the "Markdown Viewer" plugin. It gives almost the same output as Joplin

  • one of Joplin's killer features is missing though: Joplin's [toc] feature.
    • (a lesser feature that's missing is the different colors for different inputs)

If you, the reader, have any recommendations on a Joplin-like app that creates separate, complete (i.e. not snippets), text files for each note (so that they can easily be recovered via Dropbox if deleted, and also so that an entire note can be opened in some text editor like Notepad++ if desired, etc.), then please share.

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I understand your concerns. However, I think you should consider the synced data more as a database in itself than as a copy of your notes. Just like similar apps do. Like Evernote.

A (backup) copy of your notes can be created through the export.


In my opinion, this is an advantage. After all, using a database to organize data is always more advantageous than a file system, especially when the amount of data becomes larger.


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