Is Markdown the right tool for the type of notes I take?

Hi there,

I’d like to hear your opinion. I’ve been using software to take notes for years: I started with Keynote NF a long time ago, then Essential PIM, Mempad, and many others to finally settle with OneNote.
They all have their strengths and weaknesses and the reason why now I’m again looking at some alternatives is because of a few things lacking in OneNote: disk space (it only works on Onedrive), a better search function, and nodes sorting.

I have tried several markdown editors a few times already and I always liked them but never enough to make the switch. What I always failed to see is the advantage of spending more time formatting the text, couldn’t really figure out what for and I know I must miss the point (which is why I’m here).

I mostly collect links, screenshots (I’m a designer and I collect visual references for my work), and ideas for my projects.
I’m now trying Joplin. There are things I like, some things not too much, and a couple of things I miss. But mostly, considered the types of notes I take, does Joplin (or any markdown editor in general) make sense for me, or should I look somewhere else?
For instance, in regards to the search function (which, in Joplin, I haven’t explored yet), are there some advantages compared to a more generic search function? Also, considered my notebooks will be filled up with images, would a beefy notebook slow down Joplin’s overall performance?

Lastly, some indication of how people are taking advantage of Joplin would help as well.


There is a WYSIWYG editor in Joplin, so you dont have to use Markdown directly.

If that's what you use Joplin for, then the Markdown shouldn't bother you. Images and links are both easily managed without really using Markdown.

There is a GSoC project underway which would vastly improve the search feature of Joplin. Also it depends a lot on what you are searching for.

Not really. Since the images are loaded up separately as you scroll down, ti shouldn't affect performance. Also the performance bottleneck might be the hardware more than the software.

I can talk about myself. I use it to plan out my software projects and store links to interesting competitive programming problems.

One last thing, I myself do 3d modelling in Blender and so I need a lot of reference images. There is free a software called PureRef which is wonderful for keeping reference images stored in one place and arranged suitably. So you might use Joplin for storing links and PureRef for the images.

Thanks for your insights, @RedDocMD

I thought I saw your name related to Blender before, I think remember you from BA :slight_smile:

In regards to your points:
WYSIWYG, I tried it but I didn't like it, maybe because it's still new not sure. The page doesn't look formatted nicely, maybe there's some style sheet setting I need to tweak.

Good to hear about the GSoC project, very curious to see what they'll come up with.

Also, glad that performance shouldn't be impacted by a large number of images.
In this regard, I wish there was an option to set up Joplin to use JPG instead of PNG. My notes are starting to fill-up the resource folder quite rapidly with the images I'm collecting.

As for the PureRef option, I tried it in the past, and eventually, I went back to a simpler choice: a combination of the old good Irfan View to open the images, and XnViewMp to browse folders containing images. PureRef was interesting but is a hog memory.