Tabbed code blocks


I'm new to Joplin and like it so far
is there a way to make tabbed code blocks like this one ?


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code block markdown: 
give sets of 3 backticks, " ``` ",
their own line both preceding and following your code block  
	tabbed line via <tab> key
	<return> starts new line at same indent
		hit <tab> again for further indent
	then use <shift><tab> 
to reduce indent
Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts in the GUI menubar
	also offers Indent more, <ctrl> [ ,
and Indent less, <ctrl> ] , options
which can be applied to a selected block of text after-the-fact
the leading and following triple backticks aren't necessary for indentation per se
	skipping them still yields an indentable monospace font
but without the automatic syntax highlighting that comes with the three backticks method

Or so it seems to me. I'm actually a new user as well, I just happened to get curious yesterday and played with this stuff in amongst exploring menus and such.

Oh, and, FYI, without enclosing one's block with the three backticks the first indent in the Markdown code just renders as non-indented monospace font. Double indent in Markdown then renders as a single indent in monospace font, Triple as renders as double, etc.

I composed the above stuff in the Markdown editor of my joplin-desktop instance and then pasted it here.

[Edit: Lol, at first glance I thought by "tabbed" you meant "indented", but now I've looked again and spotted the "ruby/python" GUI tabs to switch version views within the block. Oops. I'm gonna' leave this answer up anyway in case it helps someone else.]