How to swap the markdown and preview pane?

Hey folks,

it might be because I only started using Joplin recently, but when I open a note my look first embraces the middle pane (the markdown) and I start reading the contents there, even though the preview pane is much better suited for reading a note.
I digged in every menu entry but could not find any way to swap the panes, so if this feature could be implemented it will be marvellous.

Thanks in advance!

You can hit this button in the top right to swap the layouts.

Alternatively you can use Ctrl/Cmd + L or View > Toggle editor layout.
You can choose which layouts should display via View > Layout button sequence

I think what plamkas wanted is to swap the positions of editor & viewer.

Pretty sure someone did it with CSS but couldn't find anything.

Oh I see, yeah that was me actually:

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Wow, it worked!
It took me some time to find out what an userchrome.css is and how to find it, but it was wort it.
Thanks a lot!

I don't know if this is what you might have found already but there is a great post that summarises the basics of the css styling stuff:

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