Syncing issues

I have some notes which just don't appear on other devices no matter how many times I sync. Why would this be and how can I fix it? I've a note I made yesterday on my mac which is still on the laptop but won't show up on the phone or browser version....

Here are some possible issues:

On mobile, the "sync status" screen (under "Tools" in settings) might give additional information about the issue.

I have another syncing issue between Joplin on Win10 and the App on Android 13. Both were freshly installed, so latest versions, import from Evernote worked ok. At first I had the sync set up through our nextcloud server, got it running for the Win Client, and then synced everything down to my Android phone. Notes from Windows would be synced to Android, but notes from Android stayed local and never make their way to the phone. I thought, maybe there's some nextcloud problem, so I opened an account with JoplinCloud and started to sync with the Android app - the result is the same however. The Win app reads and writes to the sync. The android app just reads, but does not sync up.
Any ideas?

My issue has got worse - it's no longer syncing on the Mac at all. And some notes show on a PC and others on my phone. It's become totally unusable which is such a shame as it's an ideal app for me.

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