Not syncing on the LAN Network

I have installed the snap version of Nextcloud 15 on a laptop. I am able to connect all my other apps, but joplin keeps showing a “network error”. I have copies the webdav address from nextcloud and made sure the user ID and password was the same. the nextclound notes connects fine. I’m on android 10 with the latest version of joplin. Does anyone have any idea or has this happened to anyone?

http or https?


LAN sync is a Dropbox feature that speeds syncing dramatically when the file exists on your Local Area Network (LAN).

What does that mean exactly? Well, when you add a file to your computer’s Dropbox, the file is then synced with Dropbox servers. Dropbox will then initiate the syncing process as soon as it determines a change has been made to the file. All linked computers and shared folders will then download any new version of the file. With LAN syncing, Dropbox will look for the new file on your Local Area Network first, bypassing the need to download the file from Dropbox servers, thus speeding up the syncing process considerably.

LAN sync is an extra advantage for use in locations where computers are networked together over the same router or other local area network.

I apologise if this is not in the right place, but I am seeking some help for my Joplin instance not syncing to my internal network drive - but it says it has, and completed correctly.

I am very new to Joplin, and I am wanting to migrate from another system to Joplin.

I set up my Joplin instance on Ubuntu to sync to a local network drive, using SMB.

Whenever I sync, I receive a message saying it has sync'ed successfully, but there are no files on the drive.

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks,