Syncing Data while using 2 PC's

Win 7 and Win 10, V1.4.18.
A new user...

  1. I use Joplin on a Win 7 Desktop and a Win10 laptop, and needless-to-say they can contain different data. Is there a way to "merge" that data so they show the same?
  2. If I want to share part of a data file with 2 or 3 collaborators how would I do it? I have a feeling I'm missing this, as I go through the program.

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have you tried to just sync one and then the other ?
(make sure you have backups)

It would seem that one over-writes the other - unless of course I'm doing something wrong, which has happened.

It might be a bit of a faff but I can't imagine it is easy to just merge like that. Can you just export all one machine as .jex files, import them on the other then start over on the first machine?

It is my understanding that a Joplin "sync" is exactly what the name says, and it worked for me that way when tried on Mac with iOS: it is not a copy or overwrite, it's a proper sync. I would just try it (with proper backup of course).

Doesn't work for me, nothing changes on either side, although it claims that items have been deleted or added.
I agree that sync would mean "pushing and pulling", there would be no need to sync from one side and then the other.
I've tried it with Joplin running or not running on the receiving end.
I HAVE changed the profile location, but needless-to-say, accounted for that in the sync setup. I've mapped the drive from each machine to the other and then used that ie., x:\data\joplin.
No joy.
Thing is if it's claiming it DID do something why can't I find WHAT it did and I've searched both drives.
I didn't see that there was a log for this, and fail-safe is checked on both.

This is the wrong way! The local folder is only for this joplin instance to store the settings and resources, not for different computers!

You have to configure a syncronisation with Filesystem unter Options > Syncronisation !

I think the best way is to export the notes via JEX on all computers.
Then start with a new empty profile, import the notes and configure the sync.

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I did configure the sync via filesystem.
If I start with an empty folder on the remote computer and sync, it wants to delete all on the local drive.

Not if you delete the remote data AND the folder named Joplin. In this case - regardless of the fail-safe setting - Joplin will not sync but upload.
Other wise I agree with Jack.

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Well, I dunno what to say, when I deleted both, it wanted to delete my local data, but I'd checked fail-safe, so a warning is what I got.
Even so, that wouldn't be the purpose of a sync.
I switched to Webdav to use my server and it work flawlessly, and updates with program loaded. So either this works for some and not others, or the local filesystem sync needs to setup just right to work correctly. FWIW, it seems to me that using that setup AND all but filesystem, the program has an intermediary directory with which to work with.

When you use the filesystem sync, the network share / mounted folder must be reachable when joplin is running, otherwise the fail-save will occur (Joplin sync is of the opinion that all files have been deleted)!

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I use syncthing for my background sync between devices, pc with win10, lap with manjaro, an android phone, it works without issue, maybe try that if you want the most direct approach and don't want to depend on a central server.

That's what this all about, I couldn't get the filesystem to work. They were available to each machine laptop/PC.
It claimed that it created and synced x amount of items, but nothing ever changed.
I thought I'd try the webdav server, as I use that a lot anyways, and it worked without a hitch.
I'd like to know why the device to device didn't work, but I actually like this idea better.
when I loaded up the tablet (G**gle-less 'Droid), it synced dandy.
How do you set them up? What were your steps? I'd be interested to see what I, probably, did/entered wrong.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for. Your original question asked simply if there is a way to merge the data between two PCs so they show the same content. Then later on you mentioned using a filesystem sync.

So I'll just share my simple configuration. I have Joplin installed on Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux and my Android phone. I synchronize to Dropbox. All my devices show the same content. I can edit from any of them, being careful to make sure to synchronize when finished. I also remember to synchronize when I start up Joplin on each platform.

In reality, most of the time I edit on my Windows 7 system, and sync from my Android phone. So for me at least, usage is pretty easy and staying in sync is not a big effort.

You are correct, I did omit that I was using/trying to use the file-system form of syncing, which never worked. When I changed it to my webdav server, it works flawlessly.
I'm just still wondering why it never worked with the file-system. I had both the PC and the Laptop pointing to each others data directory, but they never updated, when sync was run.

Any chance you could tell us a little more on how you configure the "sync" preferences in Joplin, in order to use syncthing ?

Well, you caused some neuron burning before explaining what exactly your question was. I'll learn from this :wink:

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Not really sure if this was directed to me, but:
I've mapped - on the PC and the Laptop - x: as the folder on the OTHER device where the Joplin data resides. Simple. They are available when I try to sync.

Sorry for the late reply, was testing if the new version finally worked for android 10 (it does).
Well, first thing you want to do is to configure syncthing, install it on the devices you want to use, the way it works is you set up a folder to share and then you do it with the "paired" or trusted devices, or at least that's how I do it, you do a empty folder of any name and wherever you want, just remember its path for that's where you are going to be saving everything, it is essentially local storage, but the "sync" part is done by syncthing peer to peer.

I would use the device in which I have the most notes as the main for setting up syncthing and Joplin in the case of thing going wrong, since you would lost the least in that way if the failsafe pops up, it is also advisable to do a backup of all your notes, so you can then merge them into one folder if it does goes wrong and you don't lose anything.

In syncthing go to devices or Add a remote device, every device has a unique ID, copy that either by a safe channel like a personal note on another app like bitwarden or signal and then copy it to the other device, also put a "Name" no the device so you can easily identify it, I haven't seen this on the windows client, but in the android one it has like a discovery option, so you can easily select the device, after that you can inmediatly share folders but I like to do it separatedly.

With your folder created using any file manager you select the folder or just copy the path on syncthing through "Add folder", also needs an idenifier which is the folder ID and a Label which would be the Name, the folder ID is the same for all devices synced, the Name varies in every device if you want. In the sharing tab we select the devices we want that folder to be shared with. In fole versioning I use simple file versioning on the main device or "seed", so I have like yet another backup. No ignored patterns. And on the advanced tab check watch for changes since that would pop up synchronization every time we sync on Joplin, set the folder to be Send and Recieve on all devices, and everything else is not really much impactful.

The folder is still empty, all this has just been syncthing configuration.

On Joplin go to tools -> options -> Syncronization
And set the path of your empty folder, and modify any options you desire, click apply and ok and then start the syncrhonization. Although before doing it you may want to set up end to end encription so even if syncthing fails (which is higly unlikely since is the safest and most private method) your notes would be inaccesible if the password set on the configuration is unknown.

Right now Joplin is synced locally, syncthing is used as client for synchronization, you have to follow the same steps in every device for Joplin, but once is done you don't have to touch it again.

As a note, becasue of how syncthing works, the sync will only occur if there is another device on, let's say you are on the street and you save a note in Joplin, it will save it locally, but since there is no other peer on, that information cannot be shared nor updated, but it will sync everything once you turn on your other device, it doesn't pass through any server and is direct, if you do have your computer on and do a change but are not on the same LAN the connection and changes will be made using TLS, so it is encrypted as well as it passes through servers in the internet.

If you have doubts or anything you can contact me through here or:
Briar briar://ad5r4tvqcfksdewkrel6yuariead4gs76utyzkf6d5r6tatjfgxuq
Or on [Matrix] Element


NO SWEAT re: "being late" ....
So there DOES have to be an intermediate folder, the PC sync's to that folder, where-ever it is and the Laptop is directed to THAT folder in the filesystem setup, which is what the folder on the Webdav server serves as.
I asked that really early on, but I guess I didn't make it clear enough.

Yeah, for what I understand Joplin syncs or rather saves the notes into a folder, what the diferent methods of scyncing do is just autouploading it and managing it, while doing it as a Filesystem setup it just saves it locally, and you can sync it with an external application like Mega or Syncthing or Resilio or whatever you like, the point being... you send that data and folder to another device however you like, if you think about it you can even use git to manage that manually.

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