Synchronous error problem

What is the situation, how many times have happened recently, how should I solve it, I use OneDrive to synchronize.
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You are on a coperated network?
This happens when some one intercept the HTTPS traffic like many comanys do to filter data in encrypted data transmissions or man in the middle attacks.

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I don't understand what you mean, I just use the personal network, do you know how to solve this problem?

This can have many reasons.

  • Date / time wrong on the PC
  • Internet is slow or parts are blocked, which are needed to reload intermediate certificates.
  • The encryption for this connection is broken by someone (decrypt data, read and re-encrypt it), like in coperated networks, evil persons, bad internet provider, ...
  • You use a very very old version of Joplin, where electron has outdated certificates
  • temporary problem on microsoft side

What happen when you open Sign in to your account in your browser ?

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