Synchronizing Joplin with main Database saved on the DSL router NAS

Hi guys,

I am considering switching from Evernote to Joplin as I think it may satisfy better my needs as it is "multiplatform" fact in my family we run 3 OS: Linux (Ubuntu), Windows 10, Android on the smartphones and Joplin seems to be perfect for me.

My goal is to have the notes database only on my NAS, which is actually included in the DSL router. No access from outside via the internet, the database should only be accessed within the home network. The mobile devices, e.g. the smartphones max take notes offline and synchronize once connected within the home network.

I have installed Joplin on my Ubuntu PC and created a notes database on my NAS.
The NAS is mounted at boot with

// /media/FritzNAS cifs credentials=/home/e6440/.smbcredentials,uid=1000,gid=1000,cache=none,noserverino 0 0

In Joplin I have set in the synchronization parameters:

File System

and as absolute path


That works perfectly.

However, how can I synchronize with the NAS with my android smartphones? I am stuck with this.

Parallel to Joplin on the smartphone I installed the App X-Plore that allows me to connect to the NAS via Wifi. In X-Plore I created a Samba connection with the IP, the NAS shows there as FritzNAS, with Subfolders FRITZ.NAS/* and I can navigate through all the files. But I cannot figure out what parameters I need to enter in the Synchronization section of the android app. I did select File system, but what should be the entry in the sections synchronization folder

I tried already



No success :frowning:

What am I doing wrong, or is just Joplin not implemented (yet) to connect this way?

I hope somebody is willing to guide me :slight_smile:

Could you just set it up as webDAV to avoid having to do the odd android workaround?

File system sync is broken on Android at the moment. Though even if it wasn't, I'm not sure it would work with samba.

I mean network shares did not work on file system sync on android.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

Actually I am already sharing another database a Keepass *.kdbx file and hoped to be able to do the same smart thing with the Joplin db. I did not think at webDAV yet, as I understand, the database would be on an external I wrong? In this case I could simply opt for Dropbox :wink:

I mean set up webDAV access on your NAS - most NAS OSs have it pretty much built in but if it is just a plain server then you can set it up in apache etc.

Or you could set up something like NextCloud or Joplin Server on that box instead - all local.

Guys, Thanks a lot and sorry this is really new stuff for me... I can activate webDav in my dsl router, need to select a provider and can select "other providers" as well. Then I need to enter an URL... what would the url be?

I'm afraid that bit is beyond me but that option almost sounds like it is setting up some kind of setting to access an existing cloud based service rather than setting up your own.

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