Filesystem with Android question

Hi there,

I am new to Joplin, I have been trying a number of different bits of software to capture my notes. I am primarily after security, so encryption is important to me. I would like to use Joplin on Windows 10, Linux and Android.

I own a Synology NAS, and I have set up Synchronisation via File System. So any changes in Joplin, the files are then uploaded to the NAS via Synology client software (Synology Drive Client) which watches the filesystem for changes. I dual boot between windows and linux and then, in theory, I can continue using Joplin with the latest changes. It seems to be working so far for Windows and Linux.

Is there a way to integrate android into the same system? I did try Webdav and I could get it to work for windows but I was having issues with mobile. Is there are way to use filesystem with android?

I apologise if I have missed something, I am going a little 'notes' blind this week, trying lots of different ones!!

Any tips gratefully received! Thanks.

I am not sure it will help with your specific setup, but I can confirm that I use webdav with Android, and it works just fine. And ... if webdav works for you with win10, wouldn't be webdav under Android be the best thing to get working ?

There's "File system" sync option, is it not what you're looking for?

Maybe, I am not totally sure about webdav, I have read some issues with security although I can't really back that statement up. I liked filesystem as an option, because I could slot it into my NAS usage without changing the current structure. I might go back to webdav and have another look/go.

That is filesystem for the phone I believe, so I would need a way to get the pc/linux versions which are on the respective hard drives and then the NAS down to the phone. I thought I found a way, but its proving more difficult.

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