Synchronize Joplin and Scrivener

Is it possible to synchronize Joplin with Scrivener or at least use Joplin to access Scrivener files?

No, it is not possible, unless Scrivener files are plain markdown files.

Scrivener does have some ability to sync plain text versions of files to a folder (I’m running Scrivener 1.9.7 on Windows, but Mac version has some more robust options; not sure what OP is running). If changes are made to those plain text files, Scrivener can then sync them back to the RTF copies it uses as its basic file type.

The problem I think is that when Joplin imports notes, file names change to match the internal needs of Joplin, whereas for Scrivener (at least the version I use) the file names have to match what Scrivener already has.

@marcopatr - what exactly would you be wanting to do between the two of them?