Feature request. Split view, .txt, web?

I wish there was a way to open documents side-by-side inside a single instance of Joplin the way Scrivener does it. It helps a lot with editing without sacrificing screen real-estate. Honestly, Joplin is near perfect, it almost has all the features to be a main driver for novel writing software.

Can I change the file format to .txt as a default?

Will there ever be a universal web version?

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Markdown files are already plain text, do you need this for importing into some other program? And for side by side you should use an external editor and simply position notes side to side using that, it really will be a nicer editing experience for you.

yeah .txt would let me share it with other apps on other systems easier.

the editing experience by running multiple instances of software all at once is not ideal, especially not if they come with different interface and different formatting rules. added on that, i have a small 1366 screen and slow cpu which don’t like too much stuff happening at the same time. i do believe one of the strongest selling points for scrivener is that it allows split view; at least to me, since it has most all the rest of the features joplin does. i mean, the split view is already there in joplin, except the second window is the live md view. and why i’m not using scrivener then? unfortunately it has been discontinued on linux and the old linux version does not sync with the mobile version so can’t use it efficiently, in addition the windows version (through wine) isn’t up to date with the mac version, and it has some glaring formatting issues which means the whole novel has to be moved to a second software and reformatted manually before preparing for epub conversion - something which markdown (in joplin) solves well. it’s a mess and i’m trying to break free from it hehe.

While I do understand your wish to use Joplin as a replacement for Scrivener, I have to say that these 2 products are nothing alike.
Scrivener is a screen writing and novel writing software. I’m using it myself on macOS, but not for managing notes.
Joplin is a note taking application. Misusing Joplin to replace a specific feature set will never work. Some people have been trying to use Joplin as a content management system. You want to use it to write novels or for play writing. In either case, Joplin will neither do these things well. Why? Because it is a note-taking application and it should stay a note-taking application. Otherwise half-backed solutions will creep into to product to accommodate a few other feature sets which in turn will make the note-taking part of Joplin worse.
Don’t get me wrong, I want Joplin to get new features, but not if they compromise the primary function of Joplin.

There has been a feature request to allow tabs to open several notes simultaneously. Should that ever be considered, I guess a split view could be the next step.

Text files are most likely not going to happen. Markdown is already a text format. Nobody forces you to use markdown syntax. You can always write plain text.
Yet again, it is not LibreOffice or Word, nor Scrivener.

Please keep in mind what Joplin is: a note-taking application.

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even as a note taking application, having split view would serve well when cross referencing notes. thats basically what i used splitview for in scrivener anyway, seamless cross referencing, switching between documents on the reference window while working with the main. no app is perfect, but in the end, text is text. I don’t know how you use scrivener, but i need a multitude of apps to work with because none has it all, i.e. collaboration, when working with my editor i would always have to move blocks of text into Pages for the live collaboratory feature (we don’t use google docs for that because google docs has a bug once you reach beyond 15k words which creates performance issues with the document and microsoft words collaboration feature is very slow to update user input). but hey, while we’re ait it. collaboration and share features for Joplin would also be very useful (doesn’t Evernote have that?).

my workflow when it comes to word management is quite different from yours is all.