When export as markdown directory, sync it

When I export the markdown as directory, I need the option to update every time I save(CTRL+S) it from inside Joplin.
So that all the notebooks and notes get lively updated when saved from Joplin so there is no need to export it as markdown directory every time.

What is the reason for a live copy of the files? The whole point of Joplin is that it is a notebook/note taking app with an inbuilt syncing option. Any updates to notes are written to the note data itself and to the sync directory so that other Joplin instances can consume it.

I understand but I don't need them in a way that only Joplin can open with those id's and etc.. I need live note with the ability for human to open it. That's why I asked for it.:neutral_face:

It is starting to sound like Joplin simply isn't the correct application for what you want. The "correct" way to do what you are saying would simply be for the other user to have Joplin installed and syncing to the same source.
Only other option I can really think of is that you can configure a default external text editor and do something fancy with command line arguments to force it to save a copy of the file to a different location on open.

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Im the only one

I don't know anything about thatimage

Sorry if I've missed something but why do you need these human readable files to be available but for whatever reason Joplin isn't the method to view them?

I had a look, there are a few things regarding automatic backups - Best method to backup notes and @JackGruber's Windows backup tool - https://github.com/JackGruber/Joplin-Tools#JoplinWinBackupau3 but these aren't quite what you are asking. From what I understand they will perform a full backup of all of your notes, not just the ones you change. I don't know the about any potential dangers of either of these so use at your own risk.

Check the readme, it has a section on external editing.

Because I am a human :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

I too need full backup but synced with markdown directory everytime I update it.

So let me better not use it.

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