Synchronization Dropbox, Box,OneDrive File Cap

I have used all three of these to sync my notes. I have over 20,000 notes on Joplin from Evernote and using Joplin. All these cloud services have a file cap which seems to be 20,000. I’m trying to sync my notes with 3 devices my main computer, my windows tablet and my android tablet.

When I try to import from my main using import feature in Joplin using jex or MD there is always around 500 notes missing. These notes were created with Joplin. If I transfer the Joplin content folder will that help? I really don’t care about the android tablet for the notes.I care about the android tablet because it can move notes to other notebooks. Will Joplin ever be able to move notes on windows?

That file cap is strange, do they display any error message? Otherwise, could you enable debug mode and provide any error or warning from the log?