Synchronise between computer and telephone


Is there a way to simply synchronise Joplin between a computer and an Android telephone? No fancy web services or any software, but simply manually copy the files in to and from each device.

After the synchronisation, Joplin should show the new or updated notes from the other device. And hopefully detect a editing conflict.

I thought this would be a common request, but I couldn’t see a straight description neither in the help nor in the forum.

Thanks in advance

You could use file system sync for that.

Thanks, but this basic answer isn’t helpful. It either it doesn’t work or at least there is no simple information on how to implement it on each side.

You wanted to manually copy files, didn’t you? Using file system as sync target allows you to do exactly this. You’ll have a directrory on each of your devices and you can manually copy files between them.

Btw there’s a high chance of messing something up by doing that. If you really want file system sync you should at least prefer specialized sync tools like syncthing or maybe rsync over copying files manually.