Synchronisation notebook structure lost when synchronising from Android and iOS using Joplin Cloud


Base installation is Windows desktop (Win 10)
Backup held in Joplin-Cloud
Replicas in
Android ver 12 (Joplin ver 2.8.1)
IOS ver 15.6.1 (Joplin ver 12.8.1)

Switched from Dropbox sync to Joplin-Cloud. Deleted apps from both Android and iOS devices, created Joplin-Cloud backup, reinstalled device apps then tried multiple syncs on both devices.

The simple two notebook structure on desktop instance of Joplin not recreated in either Android or iOS replicas. Both identically dump all 7,000 notes into root notebook.

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What did you mean with Joplin-Cloud backup?

Did you run the syncronization with the phone and app turned on?
Not all notes, folders, or tags are displayed on the mobile app

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