Android webdav sync runs endless


My (relatively big, 3700 notes) database used to faultlessly sync between 2 PC (one Win, one Manjaro) and my phone (Android 10) using my own webdav.

From two days now, on my phone, Joplin is permanently syncing but no note are showing.

I tried to flush data, remove and reinstall app, same status.

Syncing still works between PC (on same webdav server of course).

I’ve seen before that some big attachments are not synced on the phone (due to memory issue I guess), could that be the origin ?

Thx for help


Any errors in Joplin on your phone or in your webdav server’s logs?

No error on webdav side.

I’m not aware of joplin sync log’s content and structure, any security issue with posting it here ?

I do not think so but should review before posting. But for starters maybe just check for any errors there.

As far as I can see, no error on Joplin side neither

syncReport-1589445440873.txt (387.1 KB)

This looks suspicious:
First it sees 1849 older items

05-14T10:37:09,30,"""BasicDelta: Report: {"timestamp":1588689068000,"older":1849,"newer":41,"equal":1}""

And then 50 more:

05-14T10:37:14,30,"""BasicDelta: Report: {"timestamp":1588689109000,"older":1899,"newer":41,"equal":1}""

that might be fine actually