.sync/version.txt is updated at every sync, resulting in annoying notifications

Joplin version 1.0.224-1 (Arch User Repository), Manjaro Linux.

I am using Joplin with synchronization with ownCloud (not Nextcloud, although I doubt that’s important). Joplin is configured to synchronize every 5 minutes. At each synchronization, I am getting an annoying notification from the ownCloud app saying that joplin/.sync/version.txt has been updated. I do not see any option in the ownCloud app to disable this notification for a particular file, and I do not see why Joplin needs to overwrite this file at each sync despite the fact that its contents do not change (it always contains “1”).

How do I reduce annoyance while keeping sync on? Possible solutions are: an option in ownCloud to disable update notifications for a particular path, migrating to Nextcloud (if it supports such option), changing Joplin options to not overwrite this file at every sync.

This is related to https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/file-version-txt-broadcast-each-five-minutes-ist-this-normal/4276; however, in that thread the topicstarter is asking whether this phenomenon is normal, while I am asking how I can get rid of annoying notifications.

Checking the version before writing to it would be an extra unnecessary http call, not to mention the race condition, so that won’t be changed on Joplin side.

But a proper logging system should have a way to filter log entries, because you can’t expect all apps out there to be changed to accommodate this or that log system.

So are there any working solutions to the annoyance problem? I expect that this issue is probably encountered by everyone who uses Joplin + (own/Next)Cloud.

Simple solution: turn off notifications.
I would like to know why you have notifications enabled in the first place, if all you are using the server for is syncing (or something similar).

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If there’s a solution, the best place to ask would be ownCloud forum I guess.

I get notifications about conflicts (ownCloud is bugged, and it occasionally generates conflicts even though I am a single user of the instance), so I can react, resolve those conflicts manually, and fix syncing.

I see this with Nextcloud, too.

I'm using dropbox to sync. Recently seems Joplin writes lock files to Joplin/.locks/ and Joplin/temp (maybe it always did and I wasn't aware).

This in combination with notifications from the dropbox client about file changes gets quite spammy. I'm not sure what the correct solution looks like.

  • Turning off dropbox notification is too coarse since I'd miss on relevant notifications I use.
  • Writing temp and .locks to a different location (ie outside dropbox) seems a recipe for disaster.

This topic is a duplicate of Joplin, I love you… but this is driving me nuts (Dropbox).

Closing this one. Head over there for all further discussions.