File version.txt broadcast each five minutes. Ist this normal?

Version: Joplin-1.0.174-x86_64.AppImage
Operating system: Linux Mint 19.2

A file version.txt is broadcast each 5 minutes. It has a single byte (digit “1”). It is created and transferred to every connected machine even thou I have not updated anything on Joplin in the last day or so. Is this supposed to be so? If yes, is there a way to avoid it happening?


my guess but I haven’t really checked:
syncronisation interval which can be set/disabled in joplin options/general ?

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Sure, the 5 minute gap has to do with the scan (syncronization) interval. But the question is: has this file to be sent each 5 minutes (or whatever the interval is set to?). I can’t see its meaning, or need. So, would there be a way to stop it from happening, or is it necessary to keep Joplin synchronizing among machines?

Yes it is, it's part of the sync process. The client needs to know the format of the data on the sync target before it can sync. I can get this info from version.txt.