Sync to Android not creating folders

I am using Windows 11 desktop V2.8.8. and have the Android app version 2.8.1. I have attempted to sync the two sets of data via OneDrive and while the syncing has successfully imported my Evernote folder data into my Android tablet, it has not created the folders list I have on my desktop. The help file says it should have created an identical folder structure.

Any assistance gratefully received.

Hello there,

Please note Joplin does not have a background sync on mobile devices. When Joplin is closed, sent to the background or the device is put into sleep (display off), the sync is interrupted. So please disable the lock and leave it for several hours with the app in the foreground.

It is highly advisable not to interrupt first lengthy synchronization. It may take time, sometimes dozens of hours.

So, it's best to disable the time out of screen lock and leave the phone syncing overnight
Secondary synchronization cycles will be much quicker (about several seconds)

This seems a similar problem to what I have, but note the first sync is not lenghty at all, there are no inherited notes from other tools. So when selecting a (manual) "synchronise", it is complete in a few seconds.
I definitely can see the Joplin files transmitted/sync'ed by OneDrive, but for some weird reason, they land in an "Applications 1" directory where the laptop/desktop won't find them. No idea why it acts that way.

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