Sync Issue with Phone

I have imported about 1100 Notes from Evernote into my Desktop Application and have synced them to Onedrive. I have also installed Joplin on my Android phone and pointed my sync folder to the same Joplin folder on Onedrive. I can’t seem to get the sync process to end on my Android phone. It appears that I am missing about 10 notes on my phone that just won’t sync. It’s been about 2 days.

I can see the sync icon spinning on my phone and it the fetched items and fetching resources are updating, but the process never finishes. How can I fix this process?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

just to get you an answer quickly, i think there’s a size limit for syncing thru OneDrive (I don’t use it) I know I’ve seen it mentioned so i’m pretty sure you can find it if you look for it. do the “missing” items have large attachments?

The items that are causing the problem are items that i created after the Evernote Import. They are small notes and some of the notes have links to pdf documents that reside on my computer. I have since deleted those notes, deleted ALL of the notes that I created on my phone and I also uninstalled the Joplin App from my phone.

I then rebooted my phone and reinstalled the Joplin App, pointed it to my Onedrive folder and enabled encryption. However, now I appear to be in a loop where the Phone App is constantly asking me to “Press to set the decryption password”, even though I have done this for every entry that is shown on the Encryption Tab. They all say Saved.

That’s another thing that has got be scratching my head. I uninstalled the Phone App, yet it has every entry in the encryption GUI, from previous installations. I’m at a loss as what my next steps should be. I show several Encrypted folder icons on my phone app, but Joplin has yet to complete the sync …

I see:

Created Local Items:
Updated remoted items
Fetched items
Fetching Resources
Decrypting items

The numbers are constantly changing, but nothing finishes.