Sync to Android creates no folders

All the notes are visible in All Notes. No folders are created. The import of Evernote to desktop worked fine and their are folders in desktop client.

Anything i ought to check?

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Check that both devices are set to the correct date/time — an incorrect date/time sometimes causes issues with sync.


Thanks. Both set to same minute. Both update time online.

Is the iniziel sync complete?

Not all notes, folders, or tags are displayed on the mobile app

It was before, and no folders. Trying again but like like no folders

I'm using Dropbox. One Drive didn't work at all.

If the sync in Android is interrupted does it resume where it left off or are some notes but sync'd?

Yes, the sync normally starts again where it left off/was abborted.

It sounds to me like the sync is not completely finished yet. Since I think the folders are synced last.

Check on all your devices the sync status and compare the numers to see if all imtes are uploaded and downloaded.

How can I check the sync status?

Last. Good to know I'll keep it going and see what happens. I do have a ton of stuff. like 30,000 notes I think.

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