Sync tags before resources

Presently, Joplin syncs notes first, then resources, then tags. When one has lots of resources (images) to sync, for example when importing from a big Evernote database, this takes a long time. Syncing tags before resources would make Joplin more useful while I wait for the images to download.

In the settings you can select to only download resources when needed, if you turn this on your tags will download first, you can turn it off when you’re satisfied that Joplin is usable.

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I think Laurent was thinking of changing the sync algorithm to that end. e.g. also that enc keys are synced first. But I’m not sure what the status is.


Thank you, this helps on the download side. However, on the machine I am uploading the images from, it still waits for all the images to complete uploading before syncing the tags.