Sync with dropbox deletes my tags

Due to some problems with encryption. I did a backup of my joplin-desktop folder, and then deleted completely all the files on dropbox.
Restored the joplin-desktop and then added a again the dropbox key to acces to my cleared dropbox.
But now Joplin starts sync and deletes all my tags and not upload any note to dropbox.
If I repeat the steps with other server like onedrive it starts to sync good.
But every time I try with dropbox, it starts to delete tags and nothing more.
I dont know how to exit from this loop.

In your joplin-desktop folder, all the notes are there, but also the synchronisation state. That means it will try to synchronise at some point in time and gets confused because what’s local and remote is not right. I’d expect it would indeed delete some data because the data has been deleted from Dropbox.

The best way to resolve this would be like this:

  • Restore again your joplin-desktop folder
  • Switch off your internet connection (to make sure Joplin doesn’t auto-sync)
  • Export everything to a JEX file.
  • Close Joplin
  • Delete the joplin-desktop folder
  • Restart Joplin

Now re-import the JEX file and set up again the Dropbox synchronisation. I’d recommend to delete the Joplin folder on Dropbox before doing so (not just its content, the actual folder, because Dropbox also keeps some state, which will slow down the synchronisation process).

Thanks for your help, Can i export all the content to jex in a row?
And how can I import it?

You use Import -> JEX:

Yes like tessus wrote. It will export notes, notebooks, tags, attachments, etc. as well as all metadata. Unlike ENEX, the JEX format doesn’t lose any data.

To import, you just go to File > Import > JEX

Thanks, it works.

Is there some way i can check if I have lose some notes or tags in the process?
I mean if there is some option when i can see my number of notes and tags, or something like that.

Thanks again.

Yes, you can use the menu item Synchronization status.