I sync my notes on windows app, but all the notebook and tag info was lost

My notes were saved in notebooks and has tags and I can see those infomation on my android devices and ubuntu desktop apps. I’m changed to windows 7 device right now and download the JoplinPortable version, after sync the notes have been downloaded but lost all the notebook and tag info.

  • Almost all my notes were wrote by Joplin Ubuntu desktop.

  • Sync by onedrive

  • Version: JoplinPortable

  • OS: Windows7



Possibly try manually syncing again?


Emmm… But I think the notes contains its notebook and tag info with itself, It should be sync as long as the notes’ content being synchronized. Maybe I create sub-notebook while I use Ubuntu desktop Joplin that can’t be recognized in windows app?

I always thought they were separate sync items. If you look at Tools > Synchronisation Status you will see them all listed as separate sync items.


Just had a look at a JEX Export and it appears that an actual note contains only the title and the text

Other separate records relate to items such as:

  • Notebook
  • Image/Resource Metadata
  • Tag
  • Note Metadata

So it would be possible for a sync to download all the notes before any of the notebook / tag structure and I have seen that happen when syncing a client for the first time. So if a sync was interrupted / incomplete you could end up with notes but missing notebooks / tags.

It does not explain why your client is not fetching all the records but it may explain what you are seeing…

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