Sync schedule, reference time: Where can I set it?

I have Joplin set up on one desktop to sync once every 24 hours. Which is fine by me. I'd like it to keep a low profile syncing. For which reason I also want it to do its sync say at 2am or 3am in the morning. Alas, it looks like it takes as its reference time when Is et the schedule, so during the work day ...

To sync on a 24-hour schedule, it presumably stores a time of last sync as a reference to sync against or a reference time?

I worry it's just the last time of sync. Meaning even if I could ask it through some config file setting or other to sync at 2am every night, that a manual sync I do during the day to transfer some notes explicitly, would set it back onto 24 hours from then.

Perhaps this is in effect a feature request or a support request, depending on what it can currently do :wink:

I tested it and it seems to be the case. I think your best bet is to have an explicit automation job in your system scheduler that would launch the sync independently of Joplin internal Synchronization interval. To do that you probably would need to look into joplin terminal client.

From the perspective of Joplin features, I think, it would be slightly weird to expose to user the sync schedule, not mentioning providing (.. testing, supporting) UI for adjusting it. It's a notetaking application, not a rocket launcher afterall :grin:

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