Request sync on open and close app

I am using Joplin on linux with sync setup on dropbox
But I think sync on close is missing : if I forget to click on synchronize before closing Joplin, modifications are not seen on android devices and vice-versa.
And so you get conflicts if you modify not sync notes.
I think the same on opening application , but I am not sure.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while since occasionally I get bitten by starting up Joplin and editing a note before the sync has finished, which leads to a conflict.

Unfortunately I cannot think of something better than a popup “Sync in progress, wait until finished?”.


Think this will be a fantastic idea. I had a similar issue today.

On start , I can live with , but on close is more needed because if you
forget to MANUALY sync , the last max 5 minuts are not synchronized, so
you lost the last modifications (one PC closed and working on android).
It must be possible , when exiting application to sync, even if just
sync 10 sec ago ,no ?

I totally agree automatic sync on opening and closing would be great to avoid conflicts.

at least, syncing on opening is already the case.
and it’s syncing as soon as you modifiy a character in a note + a sync tasks each 5min , we are no too far from the goal.

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“It’s syncing as soon as you modify a chatacter in a note”, if it was true : you had no more conflicts, no need to sync each 5’ and no need of sync on close


it is the case. Make a change and wait a few seconds, you will see “object updated : 1” + the date of the sync

and as my sync interval is set to 12 hours, this is not that setting which triggers the sync process

Ok I tried like you say , and OK after 30 secondes changes are synchronized
I tried 5 times and each time it was 30 secondes (more than a few :wink:)
So you are right
Now to solve the problem closing Joplin before the 30 sec are done , i found it :

  1. Start Joplin minimized on tray when starting PC and show tray icon
  2. Close Joplin with click on x in upper right corner = minimize to tray
  3. Joplin stay running in background and close when pc is closed
    Thanks for your time

"Automatic sync on changed content" is probably a better solution. But that would also mean that Joplin should be able to

  1. Monitor all the changed data locally
  2. Sync changed data to multiple web services or device storage simultaneously.
  3. Notify users the Sync status by "Notification bar on top" or "Status bar on bottom"

In the long run "Sync on change" may also save some traffic load for data synchronization and perhaps some cash of the users.

A drawback of "Sync on startup/close" is that if someone has lots of notes (e.g. tens of thousands), "Sync on startup/close" could take a lot of time every round when Joplin is started/closed.

I agree that syncing running with loads of notes (and possibly many attached images/files) takes very long on startup, but this would still be necessary as notes can have been modified on another device.
And as others already asked for "group editing", this would also require background sync in fixed intervals.
Your proposal sounds great of one only used one device.

To avoid conflict, you could pair the opening sync with a temporary edit lock. Until the sync is complete, no modification can be done. You could also notify that the lock is in place, and add an option to override it if need be.

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I recently encountered this problem and am quite surprised we don't have the feature yet. Triggering a sync at least before close should be trivial, right? This should IMO also be the default, possibly with an option to turn it off (but who doesn't want their notes synced when closing the app?).

Looks like there is at least one related issue … Sync on close · Issue #4899 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

This recently tripped me up as well. I closed the desktop Joplin app before the last changes I made were synced. When I looked to then access these changes via the Joplin app on my phone, they were missing. It would be great if the desktop and phone versions of the Joplin app could initiate a sync before closing.