Joplin Server (self-hosted) sync time

Hi everyone,

I have a self hosted Joplin server which I plan to use for real-time collaboration between multiple people on projects, sharing note books etc...

Sync internal options are a minimum of 5 minutes in the server and desktop client, is there a way to reduce this time further to get a closes to a real-time sharing experience?

If not, are there any suggestions on how I can use joplin to still accomplish this?

Inside settings.json there is sync.interval. If you adjust the value manually, Joplin will follow, e.g. I've got it set as follows,

"sync.interval": 60,

meaning that Joplin performs synchronisation every 60 seconds. This is in the desktop application, of course. On mobile, you could possibly do this only with root access on Android.

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Thanks tomasz86! That's exactly what I was looking for.

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