Sync Question (again)

Running Joplin 2.11.32 under Android 10.

Am I just impatient or do I have a real problem here?

Every now and then (once or twice a year), syncing on the Android device does not work. It starts, the Cancel text shows, the symbol turns, but nothing more happens. I then usually wait 15-20 minutes, then I kill Joplin & restart, but that makes no difference; syncing still does not proceed.
After some time, usually 30-60 minutes, I lose patience, delete my data and restart Joplin, causing Joplin to then sync properly, but now it resyncs everything, of course, which takes several hours.

So, if this situation occurs again: is this somehow normal and should I just be patient and trust that Joplin will at some point sync properly and terminate, or has the sync somehow hung itself up here?


perhaps try to sync again the last device on which you used Joplin before you started)oplin on your android. And perhaps modifying one note on that other device before synching is also a good idea.
It’s just what I do first, when sync problems appear.

Interesting suggestion; thanks. I'll remember that. Easy to implement, but any idea why that may help or what is actually causing this?

none. I’m not a developer, just a user…

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