Slow sync or erratic? Is this normal behaviour?

Why is Joplin Sync on Android sometimes insanely slow???

I started to ask this question here How I use Joplin creatively for fleeting notes, but as Joplin coincidentaly released an update as I was writing the post, the problem went away, so I turned it into a Workflow post instead.

But now the problem is back again. On my Android 9 phone, the sync rotating circle has been sitting there rotating, for days. Even when I press cancel, it sits there 'cancelling' for days. Like the sync is completely unresponsive.

However, I just noticed that when I activated sync on my laptop, an indicator showed on my phone that it couldn't sync as it was blocked by the other syncing device, my laptop. After that, my phone sync worked as it should, and synced in a few seconds. So syncing on my laptop seems to have awoken the sync mechanism on my phone (?). But the phone sync then had a lot to do, suggesting the sync really has been blocked for some time:

Created remote items: 65
Updated remote items: 3
Deleted remote items: 44
Fetched items: 113/113

I searched for other posts about syncing issues, and noticed there are a number. Is it the nature of the beast that I have to live with unresponsive syncing issues, or is there a way to reboot it or refresh it?

Many thanks for all suggestions! :grinning:

(Is this a bug report? If so then I should be posting this on Github, as advised, but I'm not sure if this counts as a bug report?)

Sync via Dropbox.

Android 9 phone:
Joplin 2.10.8
Database v42

Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: a84a8e7

Dropbox is slow and throttles the connection if you have many items to download, or a particularly large resource

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