Slow first-time sync on android


I have been using Joplin for a year now, roughly 300 notes, same number of attachements mostly pdfs, I sync from my Mac to the filesystem and then via syncthing to debian. No issues. Runs brilliantly and smooth.
Now I got a Android tablet and set up the sync.
The android is running the pre-release-version from github, 2.9.2. I set up the sync via syncthing, and then pointed the filsystem sync in joplin to that folder. And then I tapped sync.

Everytime the display goes off the sync stops, which I understand is the expected behaviour, but sooo not helpful! Every now and again it claims it is finished, but there are still notes missing. I tap sync again and more notes appear. I have been playing this game for roughly three hours now and there are still loads of notes missing. I trust they will eventually appear, but this process is painful.

Is there another way? Export on one device, import on another and then sync? Copy a database?
From what I have read the first time sync is taking a long time, but surely this is too long?

Also initially the sync in joplin didn't want to sync, because I was on a metered wifi. Surely that does not matter for the filesystem sync?


Hi. You can paste the log on your tablet there or give us a pastebin link containing the log, then we can figure out what happened.

I cropped the log, it was getting to long. The sync finally finished an hour after posting.

It is all working now. It's just that the initial sync was taking ages.

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