I just install the terminal joplin. I was able to get all my desktop notes in terminal by importing the jex files from simple backup with no problem. Now that my desktop and terminal have the same data,
In the future when I restore y backup fro desktop to terminal, will it restore already existing notes that have not changed since the last backup?
I hope not. If so, is there any other way to keep my terminal and desktop in sync?

If you have a sync target set up then you can just set both of them to sync to the same target.
If you don't have one then you could set up the local file sync to keep them synced up (at the cost of having the data on your system x3).

If you import a JEX over the top of an existing Joplin instance it will import them all as new notebooks and notes, it won't integrate them - you would want to delete all the notes and notebooks before importing it if it is meant to be the total sum of your notes.

The other alternative (which is not supported and you use at your own risk) is to specify the --profile flag on one of the clients to read from the other's database. The problem comes if you ever have both open at the same time then it could lead to data integrity issues.

Thank you. I'm using nextcloud on my desktop so I'll use that for the terminal also.
Will that work? Will there be double data nextcloud

It won't double the data on Nextcloud but it will double the data on your desktop (which you already have seeing as you imported your JEX) as they maintain their own profiles.

Essentially they don't know that the other client is there so think of them as if they were on different devices like a mobile phone or a second computer, they are just individual and separate clients.

Understood. Thanks alot

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