Irritating behavior on first sync with existing repository

Joplin v1.7.11 on Mac OS, but seen the same under linux. Syncing with my own nextcloud.

When I configure a new joplin installation to sync with my existing nextcloud note directory, the progress messages in the lower left corner always give me a heart attack. It starts with:

creating remote items 1..2...3 (first 2 seconds)
deleting remote items 1...2...3...4....5....6 (2-3 more seconds)
and then the created local items / fetched items counter start going up

So my first impression is: The sync is going wrong, and my empty installation kills my online repo! Oh no! I need to cancel that! (I really did the first time - as I'm just moving my nextcloud, I had to do this some more times across devices, so I'm a veteran in thinking "it will be ok" by now)

I don't know what's deleted on the remote site when a fresh installation syncs for the first time? If it's background stuff like locks and so, maybe it would be better to seperate this from the notes, and put it in a seperate message, like:

created remote locks/log files etc...1..2...3
removed remote locks/log files etc...1...2...3....4...5...6

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