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I'm running Joplin (2.10.19) on a Macbook Pro (Ventura 13.4.1) and sync to an iPhone (iOS 16.5.1) using Nextcloud. I have checked the sync settings and they 'appear to be correct'. I like to hand write my journal, then I scan the page and import into a Joplin note as a jpg. That way I have the best of both worlds. However I discovered that, though my scanned pages are available on my iPhone they are not showing up on my Mac. So I backed up the Mac data, then chose delete and re-download from target in the advanced sync settings. All went well until it reached 2318 items but now it's stuck. It's been like that for about an hour. The synchronise logo is still spinning. Should I just wait patiently?

So now I have another worrying problem. I have abandoned the attempt at downloading from target and re-started Joplin, cancelled the download immediately and then tried to import the jex backup that I made earlier today. It seems to start ok with a 'please wait' but now that's been running for an hour and is no further forward. The app seems to have crashed. I'd appreciate some help...

Just to be certain, I restarted the laptop and reinstalled Joplin, then tried to import the jex file again to the fresh copy of Joplin. Once again it's been going for about an hour...

How large is the .jex file?

448 mb

It's possible that an exception is being thrown.

There are two places to check for possible error messages:

1. The developer tools

I suggest checking this first.

To open the developer tools, click "help", then "toggle developer tools":

Next, click "Console":

Look for something like this:

2. The log file

To open this, click "help", then "open profile directory".

Next, open log.txt:

Thanks for going to all that trouble! Much appreciated. Reading various posts it sounds as though the problem is with NextCloud, so I signed up for Joplin Clould and now everything works perfectly! Thanks again for your trouble.

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