Sync problem with Nextcloud 19

Since we have updated to Nextcloud 19 (from 18) we have a recurring synchronizing problem.
The problem is on all client apps Mac Os 13.6 (on several Mac) and iOS 12.4.8 (on two iPhones)
Joplin 1.0.232 (prod, darwin)

  • Client ID: 416f2b0c818e4a14b773cc31ea6de0a1
  • Sync Version: 1
  • Profile Version: 32
  • Keychain Supported: Yes
  • Revision: 729c8c6 (master)

We also have installed “Joplin Web API for Nextcloud” which seamed to work fine on Nextcloud 18 even though there is no compatibility from above Nextcloud 17
Is there any know issues of compatibility on Nextcloud 19 if we enable it again ?

Here’s a detailed Beta Joplin Nextcloud App status:
Last error: Error: Missing required property: type_: id: ff8a6f4041454d24a24f5f6dd64df9d5 parent_id: fff7087356e44b379ad9776df7c8e31d created_time: updated_time: 2020-07-28T13:30:18.043Z is_conflict: latitude: longitude: altitude: author: source_url: is_todo: todo_due: todo_completed: source: source_application: application_data: order: user_created_time: user_updated_time: encryption_cipher_text: JED010000220532b6362d9c1c4051bd5f00193512e418001854{“iv”:“1c07bpS7I0j6cUQhsOI3hA==”,“v”:1,"iter

Since the update of the cloud I have this error recurringly.

Status Check on Joplin prefs checkbutton in Synchronisation tab:

Success! Synchronisation configuration appears to be correct.

Beta: Joplin Nextcloud App status: Error Check Status [Help]

The Joplin Nextcloud App is either not installed or misconfigured. Please see the full error message below:

Cannot parse JSON: Fichiers - <script nonce="VG5NZmI1U0JhS1V1Y2h5W

Thanks for any help

See this reply It looks like Nextcloud 19 has a bug that breaks webdav clients. If you search the forums for nextcloud 19 you’ll see that lot’s of users have been bitten by nextclouds broken update.