Nextcloud to iOS sync requires manual intervention

I am on iOS 13.3 using Joplin 10.0.40. I have a “bug” that has persisted through many different Joplin versions, and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.
When I use Joplin on macOS, syncing with Nextcloud, either macOS -> Nextcloud or Nextcloud -> macOS on doesn’t require that I do anything. I just runs in the background (within a 5 minute window), and everything is kept in sync.
On the other hand, while iOS -> Nextcloud sync works just fine, and automatically, Nextcloud -> iOS syncing only works if I tap on the triple horizontal bar button in the upper-left corner and I wait for Synchronization to start and then finish. If I don’t do that (I forget), even after a long time, the Nextcloud -> iOS syncing doesn’t happen, and I end up with a lot of Conflicts of out-of-sync notes. I’m wondering if there might be a bug in my application, or if everyone using Joplin on iOS always needs to remember to manually sync for Nextcloud -> iOS syncing?

Thanks very much!