Sync positions of source and preview on Android

I noticed when I am editing the source of a note (for example at the bottom of a note) on my mobile and then go back to the preview mode, the preview mode starts at the top. Then I have to scroll down to the text I just edited to check the result. This is really annoying when editing LaTeX equations. I would expect that the source and preview position would be in sync with eachother like it does on desktop.

Am I the only one that has this behavior? If not it would be a simple thing to fix I assume.

Still no reply, making core functionality work properly is less important than adding new features/functionalities I guess.

I had a quick look and not sure if it's possible to implement currently -- looks like react-native-webview which is used to show note preview has no way to scroll from code.

Here's someone requesting this on their repo: Feature to scrollTo a position in the page · Issue #1919 · react-native-webview/react-native-webview · GitHub

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