Preview and Edit Tabs

I think it would be a nice idea to have two tabs: preview and edit. Preview renders the markdown, edit lets you edit. GitHub does it this way, and it works quite well.

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You do have that option. You can toggle the layout with Meta + L.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have UI for it?

There is. Menu View -> Toggle menu layout.

I mean like how GitHub does it, where you have the two tabs at the top that you can click back and forth between.

Ah, I see. This should be doable I think. I’m really bad with UI stuff, but for someone with experience in Electron and react this should be fairly easy.
The only disadvantage I can think of is that it will reduce the available space for the note, since you need one additional row for the 2 tabs.

@laurent what do you think? Is this something that could be done easily?

Speaking of that. Something I always found really good with the iA Writer app on android is that when in a note you swipe between edit and read mode. Is that the same as you guys mean? Or do you mean in the desktop client? Because if possible a believe that swiping in the app would be a nice workflow.


If Android app is ever up for redesign, swipe to preview would be a good feature. iAWriter does a good job.

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I did. I hope @PopeRigby was too.

I'm pretty sure a pull request would be welcome. But I think it is more involved as you might think. The editor and preview components works differently on mobile.

I was talking about desktop, but I like the idea of swiping on mobile.